January 2014 Love With Food Box

For those of you who get Love With Food, you probably already know the January 2014 box was a little late.  But it was chock full of goodies.


I’m already a fan of Blue Diamond almond snack packs.  I’m trying to avoid soy as much as possible, so if soy was in any of these products, I gave them away.  I did try the Lovely superfood chews.  They are like an organic version of Starburst.  The first one I tried was really yummy with a burst of sweet fruit flavor.  The other two were a little too herbal for me.


9 responses to “January 2014 Love With Food Box

  1. These look great! Do they deliver in the UK? A x

  2. Looks like some great items!

  3. Wow, what a great box for January – so many goodies 🙂

  4. Looks great! I bet it’s fun to see what arrives in the mail each month! 🙂

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