Free Food in Workplace

This NY Post article on free food in the workplace is very disturbing to me.  As I see it, this is not an article about free food in the workplace.  It is an article about employees losing more and more of their fought-for rights.  This free food is another example of losing the lunch hour.  Employers have these chefs or caterers for lunch (or dinner) to encourage employees to eat their work at lunch or to stay late.  The lunch hour should be an hour of independence, where the employee can go out and get her own lunch, choosing the foods she wants to eat.  In addition, the lunch hour can be used for walking, which is a healthy activity, unlike sitting in a chair, eating with one hand and using the mouse with the other.  And the lure of free dinner is not as strong an incentive as the bullying that will occur if employees decide not to work late.


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