Gray’s Papaya Closing

So the big NYC food news is that Gray’s Papaya is closing its West Village location due to a rent hike.  It is iconic, known for its super cheap hot dogs.  I admit, though, that I only ate there once, while a student at NYU.  I’m not a big hot dog person, so it wasn’t top on my list.  But it’s always sad to see an iconic restaurant, especially one in the Village, close.

4 responses to “Gray’s Papaya Closing

  1. A summer staple at my 1960s family barbeques was the annual hot dog competition not in competitive eating but who made the best hot dog in NY.Fierce loyalty and intense competition broke out between Nediks and Nathans fans ,deli devotees who preferred Hebrew National and those who swore by Sabretts.Loyalists to Grays Papaya formed an unlikely alliance with their East Side rival Papaya King both of whom thought it blasphemous to wash down a frank with anything but papaya juice.

  2. Oh, that’s a shame. I hate to see long term establishments being forced to close.

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