Dina’s Seven 2014 Food Trend Predictions

Seven is a lucky number, and I’ve come up with seven of my own food trend predictions from what I’ve gathered in my food travels.  These are Dina’s seven 2014 food trend predictions.

1.  Sardinian cuisine–Sardinian cuisine is slowly creeping up, and I think it will make more news and you’ll start seeing Sardinian dishes at Italian restaurants.  Most notably, Sardinian wine; Sardinian pasta, fregola; Sardinian honey and Sardinian bread.

2.  Contemporary Italian cuisine–This is already gaining popularity with restaurants like Tartina in Hell’s Kitchen and others serving contemporary Italian cuisine, but I think the trend will continue, especially for Southern Italian food.  (Most contemporary Italian cuisine you see is from Northern Italy or Napolitano pizza.)

3.  Traditional Italian American cuisine–I think this will continue to be rediscovered.  The advent of the food blog has brought some lesser-known Italian dishes like struffoli and cotenne to light.

4.  Filipino food–This trend started in late 2013.  I think a lot of benefit dinners after the horrible typhoons put Filipino food in the forefront, and I think it’s here to stay.

5.  Scandinavian food–This is a trend that continues to grow.  I think more Scandinavian food purveyors will open up in New York.  I’m not sure if the trend will reach mainstream America though.

6.  Ramen–I think Americans will embrace ramen and we’ll see more ramen shops around the country.

7.  Rediscovering food–I also think Americans are returning to the comforts of the past and simpler times.  I think we’ll see more of “forgotten” recipes from grandmas around the country.

15 responses to “Dina’s Seven 2014 Food Trend Predictions

  1. Great food predictions – my favorite is number 6. I have just recently become slightly obsessed with ramen, and I feel like the trend is definitely big in NYC. Usually that means the rest of the country is going to follow! More ramen = happier me!

  2. Very interesting! I was just looking to buy a “modern Italian” cookbook and cook a Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte. Your 2014 predictions are right on the money in this house!

  3. Seven is most certainly a lucky number (my birthday is June 7th :)) Lots of interesting observations here, I am curious to see what happens this year.

  4. I love this post! And I couldn’t agree more with number 7. Comfort food needs to be back ASAP! 🙂

    • huntfortheverybest

      Thanks! There is nothing more fun than looking through old cookbooks and rediscovering food trends and recipes.

  5. I totally agree with the ramen prediction! And I’m hoping you’re right about the Filipino food because I’d love to see more of it around!

  6. I enjoyed reading this list! I have never tried Filipino food, would be great to try. And I totally agree with 7!

  7. Your food trend predictions are very interesting. I hope you are right about number seven!

  8. Very fun! Love your predictions! Can’t wait to see how they turn out! Yeah for #7.

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