New Year’s Dips

We like to make dips for New Year’s.  I make the Knorr spinach dip, always a big hit.  I have also been making this Kraft hot feta artichoke dip for years, and it’s a favorite as well.


This year, we also made a pineapple cheese ball, the recipe of a family friend so I can’t post it, but I used the pineapple design idea from a Woman’s World pineapple dip recipe.


7 responses to “New Year’s Dips

  1. Looks like you had some great dips for New Years! I am always a sucker for a good spinach dip! 🙂

  2. We do dips for New Years too and it’s so much fun! I love these ideas

  3. That pineapple dip looks so cute! I’m totally going to try that. You just gave me an idea for a way to display a pineapple upside down cake.

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