7 Things Americans Can Learn From Italians

This is a great list of 7 Things Americans Can Learn From Italians!  Some of these are food-related.  I’m American, but being of Italian descent, I was definitely taught 1, 2, 3 and 5.  I do believe food is a large part of the enjoyment of life and of culture and family.

This next paragraph is not food related and goes off topic from my blog a bit, but it’s something I’m passionate about.  My wish for the United States is that it would collectively embrace #4.  If it does, I think it would see stress-related illnesses and depression lessen.  The media and experts blame obesity on the food we eat.  (I don’t want to get into this in this post, but I have many opinions on this.)  Removing the fat from heavy whipping cream and replacing it with carrageenan is not the answer.  I think it has more to do with work-related stress and its effects on the body.  I would like to see the United States return to a time where the American worker was valued and had rights.  (This is also an aside of mine that I can go on about.)  As it is now, workers are expected to work through their lunch hours and work beyond the 8-hour workday on a regular basis and be available during evening and weekend hours by phone and email.  And this is usually unpaid.  And if a worker asserts herself/her rights, there is subtle bullying (subtle meaning not legally actionable) until that person quits or is fired for being the “Norma Rae” of the office.  Of course, all of this is only if you are one of the “lucky” Americans to have a job.


2 responses to “7 Things Americans Can Learn From Italians

  1. mayihavethatrecipe

    We love the article you wrote and we can totally relate. We grew up in Barcelona, Spain and the lifestyle is very similar to the Italian one. More relaxed and less stressful. Great article.

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