Two for Tuesday: Kefir or Yogurt?

If you read my blog, you know I love my yogurt, and strawberry happens to be my favorite flavor.  I have had a kefir drink in the past, but I’m not one to consume yogurt drinks.  I prefer thicker yogurt to eat.  So when I saw eat-able kefir, I wanted to try it.  So what’s better, kefir or yogurt?  From my reading on the web, they both have advantages, but kefir seems to be better for your digestive tract.  As far as taste goes, they are both very good.


Evolve Greek kefir is creamy with a nice clean flavor and lots of protein.  I thought the strawberry was good too.


Sophie Greek yogurt has no sugar added and lots of protein.  This is nonfat and really creamy and smooth with a subtle strawberry flavor.


2 responses to “Two for Tuesday: Kefir or Yogurt?

  1. My husband grew up in Russia and he swears by kefir!

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