Ramen Week: Day 4: Sapporo

Ramen has become a trend in New York City, but Sapporo has been serving it in the heart of Midtown since 1975.  I had been wanting to try it for a long time since I would walk by on my way home from work.  It does a brisk business and was busy the day I visited too.  There are a lot of ramen dishes to choose from.  I opted for something a little different, shio butter-corn ramen.  I was deciding between that and the tomato ramen, ramen with tomato and basil–an Italian twist.  I opted to stay Japanese with the shio butter-corn ramen.  I liked the taste of the butter in the broth, but I do prefer it without butter.  I like that this ramen had a good helping of bok choy, as I think I’d like more vegetable in my ramen.  Like Bassanova Ramen, there were more noodles than broth here.  The broth tasted good because of the butter and salt, but it and the noodles had more of a commercial taste than homemade.


I also got char siu buns, and they were OK but nowhere near as good as Totto Ramen’s.

Sapporo bun

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