Ramen Week: Day 3: Nikai Japanese Restaurant

I saw an ad for Nikai Japanese Restaurant in Chopsticks advertising new vegetable noodles.  I thought I’d try it since they make handmade noodles.  I went for dinner with a friend of mine. It’s upstairs inside a lunch time café called Treehaus.  Treehaus is a big space and it was a little confusing to figure out where Nikai was located.  Once we found it, we were seated right away at bar top tables near the bar.  I got the feeling this was more of a lunch place, as there was only one other group of customers.

They give you a hot towel for your hands here–the kind that you add water to and it expands.  That was a nice touch and more like a Japanese restaurant.

By this time of day, which was around 7:30, they were out of the tonkotsu ramen, so we got the miso ramen.  The ramen was good, and I’d like to try the tonkotsu at some point as well.


4 responses to “Ramen Week: Day 3: Nikai Japanese Restaurant

  1. Now I’m hungry for noodles 🙂

  2. I’d love a ramen week myself! Sounds yummy 🙂

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