MenuStat, a website from the New York City Department of Health, debuted this week and lets you search items from chain restaurants to see the nutritional information.  I’m curious how often people eat from these chain restaurants.  I haven’t eaten at any of these in a long time.  I went to IHOP once last year.  I try to avoid chains and mostly eat at privately owned or mom and pops.  In New York City, there are so many privately owned restaurants that it is rare that one would eat at a chain.  They exist, mostly around Times Square, but are not popular.  However, I’m sure most of the average New York restaurants use the same ingredients as the chains.  It’s a great resource for meal planning if you eat at these restaurants, though.


6 responses to “MenuStat

  1. What an interesting resource!

  2. That does seem like a great resource. I am like you and always like to go to locally owned restaurants. My daughter and I had the best time on a road trip this past summer. She would research nearby, local restaurants on her I-phone while I was driving and together we would decide where to stop.

  3. I am like you, mainly an at home eater, but I do think if I was going to eat out I would look at the site ahead of time! Unless it was a special occassion and then I definitely wouldnt haha!

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