Sweets Week: Day 6: Taipan Bakery

If the line at Taipen Bakery in Chinatown is any indication, this is one popular bakery.  I also tried to get mooncakes here back in September, and they were sold out.

The bakery has breads and pastries that are self serve and then there are cakes and pastries in the case.  When it’s crowded, it’s a little confusing as there is no real line, but there are many counter clerks and they will get to you…eventually.  Since I’m in love with coconut cream buns, I got one of those and then I saw this bright orange cake with the cutest triangular shape to it.


So a friend of mine had the idea of toasting the coconut cream bun in the oven, and let me tell you what a good idea that was.  I like them as is, but when toasted, the cream gets all melty and it’s another level of delicious coconut bun.  The orange cake was a little strange.  It did taste like orange, but in a fake way.  Maybe it’s just not to my taste, but it sure is cute.

2 responses to “Sweets Week: Day 6: Taipan Bakery

  1. I like the triangle shape too on that cake! Bummer that it didn’t taste that great though!

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