Sweets Week: Day 5: Schmackary’s

Schmackary’s is a specialty cookie shop in Hell’s Kitchen.  There’s an extensive menu of cookies here, many seasonal, and they don’t have all the cookies all of the time.  On my trip, I got sea salt chocolate chip, red velvet cookie with walnut buttercream frosting, chocolate duet, pumpkin spice and candied yam.


I first had Schmackary’s at the Ninth Avenue Festival when they gave out a free sample of the chocolate diablo cookie, and it was really good.  I thought the sea salt chocolate chip was delicious, a good balance between chewy and crispy.

chocolate chip cookie

All the cookies were good, but there was a thick, floury kind of aftertaste in the pumpkin and yam cookies.  I definitely preferred the former three cookies to the latter two.  I’d like to try the sweet corn cookie (gluten-free) made with corn flour and sweet corn.


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