Food-related Halloween Costumes

Not sure what you want to be for Halloween?  Here are some last-minute food-related costumes.  Some of these are funny, some are cute and some are like why?

1.  Trendy costumes:  There are adult donut and burger costumes, so how about making a cronut or ramen burger costume?

2.  Sexy women’s costume:  French fries

3.  Cute and funny kids’ costume:  Lobster in a pot

4.  Adorable costume for dog:  Taco

5.  Funny for men:  Hard salami

6.  If you want to be a walking advertisement, how about a can of Chunky soup?

7.  If you really want an unusual costume, how about an onion?

8.  If you want people to keep asking what you are all night, try this burrito costume.

9.  Cute costume for couples:  Bacon and eggs

10.  Clever diy costume:  Deviled egg

3 responses to “Food-related Halloween Costumes

  1. Cute ideas! I remember going to a fancy-dress party as a tea bag once!

  2. #2 makes me cringe. The things ladies do on Halloween…I will never understand.

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