Sweets Week: Day 5: Fay Da Bakery

Fay Da Bakery is a Chinese bakery that started out in Chinatown and then branched out to other areas and cities.  The bakery has a lovely array of cakes, cheesecakes, buns, breads, cookies and other yummy baked goods.  I had my eye on this poofy coconut flaked bun split down the middle filled with swirls of cream.  Unfortunately, on my first visit to Fay Da in Chinatown, I didn’t have cash, so I could only gaze at this coconutty wonder.  On another trip to Fay Da in the West Village, I had cash on hand, so I decided to try one.  The cream coconut bun is out of this world good.  I love this thing, and it’s probably my favorite pastry that I’ve had in a long time.  The bun is sweet and soft and goes well with the sweet buttery filling.  Seriously, I want the recipe to this delicious buttercream, if anyone has any idea how it’s made.


I also tried the Japanese cheesecake, which you will find is a tad sweeter than the average Japanese cheesecake.  I really liked it.

I wasn’t done with my coconut fix.  This little coconut pie is so cute.  It’s more on the sweet side.  If you’re a fan of coconut, you will like this!

I’m definitely a fan of Fay Da and I want to try more of their items.


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