Sweets Week: Day 4: Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery should be serving consent forms along with their cookies.  Dieters beware–there’s a live webcam in the store that broadcasts on the bakery’s website.  I just checked out the pictures on the site.  I’m sure it’s a way of utilizing social media and technology, but it comes across as more disturbing than fun.

I have heard so many great things about Levain, but I hadn’t tried it because I’m rarely in the neighborhood.  I checked out the website beforehand and wanted to try one of those chocolate breads pictured on the homepage.  So on a recent trip to the Upper West Side, I stopped in.  It’s a small shop that does a takeout business.  It quickly got crowded as I was placing my order on a Friday afternoon.  I wanted to try one of the big fat cookies that are so popular.  I also got a cinnamon brioche, pictured below, as they didn’t have the chocolate one.  The brioche tasted good, but the dough had this soft/chewy feel to it that I wasn’t too crazy about.
I got a chocolate peanut butter cookie, and it was good, but again, not great. I shared both of these with a friend of mine who loved them.  I guess they just aren’t my taste.



2 responses to “Sweets Week: Day 4: Levain Bakery

  1. those look good! too bad i don’t life in NY anymore.

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