Lunch: Uncle Vanya

It’s great to be home sick.  Well, it’s great to be home sick when you live in Manhattan and can order chicken soup from Uncle Vanya’s.  I was looking on Seamless for chicken soup, and I wanted something that would be homemade.  So I opted for Uncle Vanya’s.  I got more than chicken soup though.  I got a beet salad because I thought the veggies would help me heal.  I also got stuffed cabbage because I wanted some comfort food.  Chicken soup with pelmeni to make me feel better.  And of course, a dessert because, well, you gotta have dessert.  How nice it was to have a delivery lady instead of a delivery guy, especially when you are sick and in your jammies!

First, I got the Russian beet saladbeets, potatoes, pickles, onions, peas, carrots and fresh parsley.  I like that this salad wasn’t overly dressed.  I thought the peas and carrots were a little weird with everything else, but in all, it tasted good.  I thought this was something I’d like to recreate myself to get in a lot of diverse veggies.

beet salad

For my entrée, I got golubtsystuffed cabbage rolls with meat and rice in tomato sauce.  I love stuffed cabbage.  Both my grandma and my  mom used to make it, and it’s one of my favorites.  Uncle Vanya’s had this wonderful flavor of cloves that I’d like to recreate.

stuffed cabbage

This was so delicious that I thought I wouldn’t get to the chicken soup.  The chicken soup hit the spot too with these delicious beef dumplings called pelmeni.

chicken soup

For dessert, I decided to try sirnik, cheese fritters topped with sour cream.  Oh my.  If you love sour cream, you would love these!

Uncle Vanya dessert


6 responses to “Lunch: Uncle Vanya

  1. OMG, all my home foods I grew up on. Aaaaaaaa. When I first saw your post title, I was like “I bet she ordered from a Russian place.”. That salad is healthy, a rare find in Russian cuisine. LOL.

    • huntfortheverybest

      It was so good! I really liked that salad and I am going to make it for myself. It was simple yet so good.

  2. Oh wow…all these awesome comfort foods would get me back on my feet in no time. After living on my own for a few years now, I start craving all these Russian dishes my mom makes. Pelmeni are soo awesome!

  3. Lovely Russian food! I can tell!

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