Crumbnuts at Crumbs

crumbnut sign

OMG Crumbnuts are here! screams the sign outside a Crumbs store in Midtown.  I’m not sure if Crumbs was preparing for a long line outside to rival the line at Dominique Ansel’s bakery, but there were plenty of crumbnuts on the shelf at 2 p.m. in the afternoon.  There are three varieties available of crumbnuts:  plain, powdered sugar and Bavarian cream.  I opted for powdered sugar, although I can tell you the Bavarian cream looked like the most popular, as it was nearly out.


Maybe I should’ve gotten the Bavarian because the outside of this one was a bit hard, as if it were getting stale.  The inside had more give and tasted fresher.

crumbnut inside

It tasted like a grocery store doughnut that’s very airy.  It’s not very impressive.  I’d opt for the cupcakes at Crumbs.  They have some great-looking ones for the season like pumpkin and apple.  They also have some Italian-bakery-inspired cupcakes like cannoli and rainbow cookie with a mini cannoli and mini rainbow cookie on top.  I am curious to try the Cronut from Dominique Ansel, but I just can’t get myself to get up that early and really can’t wait in line that long.


5 responses to “Crumbnuts at Crumbs

  1. I’m starting to get really curious about the whole cronut hype as I’ve never tried one yet!

  2. I tried one from Crumbs on 42nd street. I was kind of take aback when it was square and the picture shows a round one. Clerk said stores make them differently, I gave a hairy eyeball and left. I was underwhelmed. It was kind of stale and tasted like as flakey cake. Never again. I would suggest steering clear of them.

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