Rigatoni With Pumpkin Ricotta Sauce

pumpkin ricotta sauce

I’ve been wanting to make a pumpkin sauce for a long time.  Since I had all the ingredients and since it’s a perfect fall recipe, I decided there was no better time than now.  I kind of eyeballed the ingredients, so more or less is probably OK.

Rigatoni With Pumpkin Ricotta Sauce

1 box rigatoni

2 cups whole milk

1/3 cup whole milk ricotta

1/2 stick butter

1/2 can pumpkin

crushed red pepper, parsley, salt and pepper to taste

Cook rigatoni according to package instructions.  While it’s cooking, put all other ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil.  Lower and stir until thickened.  Serve over cooked rigatoni.  (Or pasta/macaroni of your choice.)

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4 responses to “Rigatoni With Pumpkin Ricotta Sauce

  1. I love experimenting with pumpkin in savory dishes–I’ll bet this makes a super creamy sauce!

  2. I love using pumpkin in savory recipes! You have created a wonderful comforting dish here!

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