Breakfast: Georgio’s Country Grill

Georgio’s Country Grill on Ninth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen is a bit nondescript and doesn’t look like your standard diner.  But it just may be the best breakfast in Hell’s Kitchen.

One aspect that sets it apart from other diners is that it offers fresh squeezed juices, including your apple juice.  I got a carrot and celery concoction while my friend got apple juice.  These just needed a quick stir and voila, fresh juice.


For breakfast, I got pancakes and eggs over-medium. They were lovely in color and maybe done a tad more than I’d prefer but still good.


The pancakes were delicious.  And it was a nice touch that the butter was whipped and soft.  (I’m a harsh judge of diners by their butter.  Who likes trying to spread cold butter on their toast?)


My friend got French toast and scrambled eggs with cheese.  He said the French toast was very good.


He was especially happy with the scrambled eggs.  It’s not often that the cheese is scrambled in with the eggs.  At many diners, they just melt a piece of cheese on top of the eggs.  These were actually scrambled.


My other friend got the San Paulo Benedict.  She really liked this and said the Hollandaise sauce was very good.



One response to “Breakfast: Georgio’s Country Grill

  1. I love eating breakfast that I don’t have to cook myself. 😀 The San Paulo Benedict looks delicious!

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