Dinner: Dirt Candy

It’s been two years since I dined at Dirt Candy, but I never wrote about it.  I found the old photos on my camera and decided I’d share them with you.  Many of the same dishes are still on the menu.  I love the name of this restaurant.  To a lawyer into trademarks, this is a perfect name!

I’m not vegetarian although I eat a lot of and appreciate vegetables.  I found that the dishes were creative but many fell flat on flavor.  In addition, although it was two years ago, I do remember being kept waiting a long time even though we had reservations.  The dining room is tiny, so if you don’t like cramped spaces, you may not be comfortable.

My friend and I got the snack–jalapeno hush puppies served with maple butter, and they were very good.

We also got the mushroom appetizer–portobello mousse, truffled toast
pear and fennel compote. The portobello mousse lacked flavor, but the pear and fennel compote was good.  In all, I just didn’t think this dish worked.

Not on the menu now, there was a study in carrot.  The carrot was flavorful and creative, using different colored carrots to make the buns.

My friend’s entrée was the cucumber, which was an excellent example of Dirt Candy’s success.

I got the corn entrée: stone ground grits, corn cream, pickled shiitakes, huitlacoche, tempura poached egg.  The grits seriously lacked flavor.  As my friend said, grits don’t have much flavor, so you really need to kick it up, and this dish just didn’t do that.



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  1. they all look really yummy°!

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