Dinner: La Rivista

Restaurant Row is usually not my first stop for restaurant choices, as it can be touristy with mediocre food.  However, sometimes I’m in the mood for a touristy experience.  La Rivista is a classic New York-style Italian restaurant with white tablecloths and waiters that create a romantic atmosphere.  There’s a piano player that plays old songs like Broadway favorites and Frank Sinatra tunes.  The night I was there, there was a large party who got in on the fun and sang to the music.  The food is solid Italian with dishes from the different regions of Italy.  It does lean more toward a Northern Italian menu.

With your meal, they give you parmesan cheese with balsamic vinegar.


My friend’s appetizer was a special of the night.


I got tomato and mozzarella salad.

tomatoes and mozzarella

For my entrée, I got a mushroom ravioli.


My friend got shrimp risotto.

shrimp risotto

The desserts are classic New York Italian restaurant desserts. My friend got the cheesecake.


I got chocolate cake.

chocolate cake


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