Brunch: Café Lalo

I had always wanted to try Café Lalo, since it’s a popular Upper West Side café.  I love cafes, those calm, quaint places with large drink menus, cases of desserts and savory bites. The writer in me loves whiling away hours at a place like this, people watching, writing, discussing the world and living an amazing life.  At least that’s how I feel when I’m in a café.  Admittedly, I prefer downtown, so when I found myself uptown not too long ago, I decided it was time to try Café Lalo.  I’m glad I did and only wish it was closer to me.  For brunch, I got one of Café Lalo’s fresh organic steamed eggs; this one, with Bulgarian feta and avocado.  I’ve never had steamed eggs before and wasn’t sure what to expect. They are a lighter version of classic scrambled eggs and very pleasant.

Of course, one cannot visit Café Lalo without trying something from the case of sweet goodies.  I decided upon the honey lavender custard pie.  A lovely end to my meal, as it had a light hint of honey and lavender.  (In my opinion, lavender can be overdone, and I like it when it’s barely there.  I think Café Lalo’s honey lavender custard pie is a good example.)

honey pie


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