Dinner: Rosa Mexicano

I recently went to Rosa Mexicano for dinner.  Yes, the ice cream festival drew me in.  My friend and I started with Rosa Mexicano’s freshly made guacamole of avocado, jalapeno, tomato, onion and cilantro.


My friend got the cheese enchiladas made with Chihuahua cheese in corn tortillas topped with Mexican roasted tomato sauce.  She liked it very much.

cheese enchiladas

I got the enchiladas suizas. The homemade corn tortillas have a grainy texture and fresh corn flavor.  The creamy, slightly mustardy sauce was very good.


Our enchiladas came with rice and refried black beans, different from the traditional refried beans at most Mexican restaurants.  I prefer black beans, so I liked them.

And of course, the ice cream.  From left to right:  plantain and peanut butter, honey-amaranth crunch and sweet cream with shaved Mexican chocolate and cajeta swirl.  If you are a peanut butter lover, the plantain and peanut butter is very peanut-buttery.  The sweet cream was a bit disappointing, as it sounded so flavorful with chocolate and cajeta, but it fell flat for me.  My favorite was the honey-amaranth crunch, creamy and sweet with a little bit of crunch.  I want to return to try the raspado and also the alegria ice cream sundae.

Rosa Mexicano


2 responses to “Dinner: Rosa Mexicano

  1. Everything looks so delicious but freshly made guac is always so irresistible to me 🙂

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