Two for Tuesday: Healthy Salads

It’s hard to eat clean at restaurants, and even harder to eat clean in New York City.  But I’m always looking.  While on my restaurant travels, I found two great salads.  The first was at Penny Farthing, a pub in the East Village. The cobb salad here is perfect for those who want to eat clean.  You can order dressing on the side, and you don’t have to eat the cheese.  I love a clean salad, where I can just get plain food with grilled chicken and veggies and romaine or a good mix of greens.  This is the perfect salad for those looking to eat clean with high protein.

Another great salad I recently had was at Mooncake Foods.  I got the grilled chicken and avocado salad with the dressing.  I’m sure you can order it on the side.  It’s another great salad with the basics, although the chicken is seasoned.



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