Borough Pizza

So after my declaration that I don’t each much pizza and haven’t had much lately, I realized I’ve had a lot more lately than I thought–on recent trips to the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island.  (These trips included visits to Totonno’s  and L&B Spumoni Gardens for pizza, which I wrote about recently.)

All of these pizza places are highly rated on Yelp.  First, in Brooklyn, I went to Best Pizza in Williamsburg when I went to the Giglio festival.  I had gone to Best Pizza another time during the Giglio festival.  Best Pizza is no frills.  The décor includes charming paper plates sporting the artwork of customers.  I think the pizza here is a great example of a classic New York slice.

And Best Pizza sells boxed water–not bottled, so they are environmentally conscious.

If you’re on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, try a slice of Catania’s Pizzeria pizza, a popular neighborhood pizzeria.

A fun pizzeria is Tony’s Brick Oven in Staten Island. It’s fun because they have three types of pizza–Sicilian, Neapolitan and pan slice.

Neapolitan and Margherita slices

Neapolitan and Margherita slices

All the types had different sauce on them, which I thought was a great touch and showed how much care goes into the pizza here. My favorite was the Margherita pan slice.

Sicilian and Margherita slices

Sicilian and Margherita slices


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