Two for Tuesday: Lemon Ice or Gelato?

What’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than lemon ice?  Nothing!  Except maybe lemon gelato.

I’ve been eating a lot of lemon ice lately, and if you’re in Little Italy, you may be tempted to get lemon ice at Ferrara, which is OK.  But if you walk up a few blocks on Mulberry Street to Caffé Roma, the lemon ice here is really good.  I had lemon ice at Coney’s Cones in Coney Island recently, and it wasn’t good–very icy and syrupy.  L&B Spumoni Gardens makes some delicious lemon ice.

Lemon ice L&B

But don’t discount lemon gelato as a refreshing summer treat, and the lemon at Mo in Little Italy is perfetto with the sour-fresh taste of lemon and just enough sugar to sweeten it.

Mo lemon gelato


2 responses to “Two for Tuesday: Lemon Ice or Gelato?

  1. I love the sound of lemon gelato or lemon ice, they both look so refreshing! Great treats to cool down with on any hot summer day 🙂 Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I will have to choose gelato! They both look delish. You are making me want to visit NYC again! I just left!

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