National Ice Cream Day

Today, July 21, is National Ice Cream Day.  I’ve been celebrating National Ice Cream Month and featuring a different ice cream every Monday in July.  Today, I’m featuring je & jo, an organic ice cream shop in Hell’s Kitchen.  The ice cream at je & jo is an artisanal twist on ice cream, a pairing of ice cream and cookie dough in a cup.  The ice creams are organic and there are no eggs in the cookie dough.


I got Local Strawberry Ice Cream with Honey English Thyme Shortbread Cookie Dough.  If you want to try this with local strawberries, you’d better hurry, as it’s the last batch of the season.  Since the ice creams are packed into a cup, they are a little hard at first.  The strawberry flavor in this one is like good old-fashioned strawberry ice cream.  The cookie dough pieces are yummy and not overpowering or overabundant.

My friend got Nutella Ice Cream with Hazelnut Shortbread Cookie Dough, and she liked it very much.



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