Dinner: Quality Meats

This weekend, I went out to dinner a few times to celebrate my birthday.  My favorite birthday dinner was at steakhouse Quality Meats in Midtown, a restaurant that lives up to its name.

Our amuse bouche was watermelon with Korean spices.  I took the watermelon plain, and it was a refreshing start to the meal.

QM watermelon

We didn’t get appetizers but we didn’t need to.  The waiter makes a steak sauce tableside by blending rosemary, thyme, tomatoes, roasted garlic, raisins, molasses and black pepper with a mortar and pestle.  Yes, tableside theater is a little cheesy, but it’s also fun and makes the dining experience special.

QM steak sauce

Yes, it’s for the steak, but it was also yummy dipping the bread into it.

QM bread

Restaurant drinks are getting a little crazy these days with concoctions that just don’t sound appealing.  I ordered a peach hibiscus tea which was refreshing and flavorful without being too out there.

QM peach tea

We also ordered sides of Yorkshire creamed spinach and herb roasted baby potatoes.  The creamed spinach was excellent, and in my opinion, better than The Old Homestead’s.

QM spinach

The herb roasted potatoes would’ve been great without the lemon flavor.

QM potatoes

I ordered the filet mignon for dinner.  It was cooked perfectly as I had asked, but it wasn’t as tender as the one I had at The Old Homestead, a fact you can tell if you look at the picture below versus this one.

QM filet mignon

My friend ordered the aged rib steak.  She said it was the best steak she’s ever had. It’s so rare (no pun intended) that both steaks were cooked just as we had ordered them.

QM rib steak

Quality Meats makes their own dessert ice cream cakes.  They are fun cups of cake and ice cream.  I got the strawberry s’mores.  How cute is this with the little chocolate bar?

QM strawberry

My friend got the blueberry ice cream and lemon chiffon cake.  Look at the adorable lemon meringue pie on top.

QM blueberry

These were yummy additions to the evening complete with a birthday surprise!

QM birthday


One response to “Dinner: Quality Meats

  1. Wish you a belated happy birthday Dina! I especially love the desserts and your last pic. Agree on the restaurant drinks..I think they include way too many flavours in an attempt to be creative!

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