Ice Cream Monday

Today’s ice cream is from Cafe Jolie in Hell’s Kitchen.  Cafe Jolie specializes in crepes, but they also have something they call “frozen treat.”  It’s a low-calorie frozen confection.  I’ve ordered this delicious treat on Seamless, and my favorite flavor is marshmallow.  But if you actually visit the cafe, you are limited to a few flavors.  On my visit, they were chocolate, vanilla, rum raisin and black forest cheesecake.  I got the black forest cheesecake thinking it would have a cherry cheesecake chocolate flavor, but it was largely chocolate.  My friend got a chocolate/vanilla twist with chocolate crunchies on top.  I don’t know the nutritional information on this, and I’m not sure what it’s made of, but it tastes great and has a soft serve texture.  You really don’t miss ice cream when you eat this.

frozen treat


2 responses to “Ice Cream Monday

  1. I have tried the frozen treat myself and it is delicious! I like your photograph of the dessert.

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