Sweets Week: Day 1: Yooglers

July is my favorite month.  Not just because my birthday is in July, but also because it celebrates my favorite food.  July is National Ice Cream Month.  In honor of my favorite creamy sweet treat, I’m doing a Sweets Week with a focus on frozen treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt.

crema de Barcelona in front; horchata from Spain in back

crema de Barcelona in front; horchata from Spain in back

Yes, there is an overabundance of self-serve yogurt places in NYC.  But Yooglers is bringing some Latin flavor to the mix.  The Spanish company has recently opened an outpost here in NYC.  There are standard flavors like tart yogurt, vanilla, mango…but then there are some creative flavors like maple bacon donut (nonfat, can you believe?) and sea salt caramel pretzel.  There are Latin flavors too like dulce de leche, crema de Barcelona and horchata from Spain.

Verdict:  Crema de Barcelona has a lemon and cinnamon flavor, according to the company Web site, with a touch of a “secret” Spanish spice.  I definitely tasted the cinnamon.  I really enjoyed this.  It was creamy with a light touch of concentrated cinnamon flavor.  Very delicious.  The best part:  it’s nonfat.

The horchata from Spain, also nonfat, is made with tiger nuts for a subtle almond and caramel flavor.  The flavor is very subtle.  I enjoyed this, but if you really want caramel, try the dulce de leche.


One response to “Sweets Week: Day 1: Yooglers

  1. Dina…oh how I wish we had a Yooglers here in the D.C. area. The Crema de Barcelona sounds absolutely fabulous! You’ve got me wanting to make more ice cream now! Great post!

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