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Aeri’s Kitchen is a very cool food blog of Korean recipes and culture by a South Korean-born woman who now lives in the U.S.  Not only does her blog contain Korean and American recipes, it also has Korean language lessons and step-by-step recipe photos and YouTube videos.  Since I’ve recently discovered the delights of Koreatown in Manhattan, I’ve been interested in learning more about Korean food.  I’ve heard about shaved ice but have never had it.  I’ve seen it in the shops in Koreatown.  A yummy-looking summer dessert is PotBingSu or red bean crushed ice made with condensed milk, fruit, corn flakes and sticky rice cakes.  Looks like a sweet and refreshing treat!  This colorful steamed bread recipe sounds good too.  The recipe for the Korean street-food egg bbang, or egg muffins, looks yummy.  Her savory beef, pork and seafood dishes sound delish too.  These crabstick cakes sound like a nice summer snack or appetizer.


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