Dinner: Tartina

This week for lunch, we had modern American cuisine at Rye House.  It’s only fitting we’d have modern Italian for dinner.  Tartina in Hell’s Kitchen is a comfortable cafe where the food is made to order and the desserts are homemade on site.  The day of our visit, we got the prix fixe dinner.  Our first course was a chilled cucumber soup.

Tartina cucumber soup

Second course was a ravioli.

Tartina ravioli

For third course, I got the branzino and vegetables.

Tartina branzino

My friend got steak with mashed potatoes and spinach.

Tartina steak

For dessert, I got the mixberry tart.

Tartina mixberry tart

My friend got the panna cotta

Tartina panna cotta

and we decided to split the strawberry crostata.

Tartina strawberry crostata

While I enjoyed the prix fixe menu, I’d like to return and order off the regular menu, a menu so decidedly Italian and enticing with items like sliced thin fresh baby artichoke with avocado salad, bread pudding with Italian panettone, carpaccio of pineapple sprinkled with bitter Campari and crespelle (crepes) filled with Parma cotto (ham), baked with heavy cream and Grana Padano.


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