Two for Tuesday: Work Snacks

It’s always a challenge to eat healthy while at work or on the go.  I keep an eye out for healthy snacks that have a shelf life that I can take with me at the last minute when I don’t have time to prepare healthy snacks.  These ready-to-eat meals from gopicnic are perfect.  This one has salami, asiago cheese spread, olive oil and sea salt crackers, a cashew-cranberry-yogurt mix and dark chocolate with rice crisps.  At 350 calories, it’s a great quick lunch or various parts of it can be used as snacks throughout the day.  Personally, I wouldn’t eat these on a regular basis because I avoid carbs, but in a pinch and on the go, they are perfect.

go picnic
Another good snack that I use in a pinch, especially if I don’t have access to fresh fruit, is freeze-dried fruit. These freeze-dried apples from Good & Delish are perfect for travel or to bring to work or school.

Delish dried apples

I’ve also had this brand’s freeze-dried strawberries, and they are good too.

freeze dried apples


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