Lunch: Rye House

For American classics with a modern twist, Rye House is the place.  The day I visited, there was a great lunch deal–a salad and sandwich for $15.  I got the kale caesar salad with Wisconsin “parm” and croutons.  I’d been craving kale salad, and this was the perfect green to modernize a caesar salad.  It was also a generous helping.

kale caesar salad

For my entrée, I got the roasted pork with roasted pineapple and red cabbage slaw.  I’m a fan of shredded pork, and I liked the sweetness of the pineapple.  This sandwich was a bit on the salty side for my taste.

roasted pork

My friend and I shared Mama’s fried mac ‘n’ cheese, a breaded ball of elbow macaroni and New York cheddar.  These were quite tasty.

fried mac n cheese

My friend also got the kale salad and the truffle grilled cheese sandwich with goat gouda and fontina and a side of arugula and mushroom salad with taro root.  I got a taste of this sandwich and it was quite good.

Rye House revamps the classics like grilled cheese, mac n cheese, shredded pork and caesar salad.  But there are some things that don’t need to change–order a Coke and it comes the old-fashioned way–in a bottle.


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