Two for Tuesday: Coconut Products

Coconut products are all the health craze these days.  Yesterday, Dr. Oz had a guest talk about coconut flour as an alterative to white flour for use as a breading for things like fried chicken.  I see many recipes, especially cookies, made with coconut oil on food blogs.

I found two coconut products that I enjoy.  One is Madhava coconut sugar, a sugar made from the nectar of the coconut flower of the coconut palm tree.  I use it to top my oatmeal or in my tea.  It doesn’t have a coconut flavor, though it is more like brown sugar, and it adds a bit of sweetness.

The second product is Earth Balance organic coconut spread.  I use it as a spread instead of butter.  It does have a coconut flavor, and I think it goes better with sweet things rather than savory.  For example, I like it on bread with some sugar-free jelly, but I wouldn’t want to use it on bread to dip into fried eggs like I would butter.

coconut products


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