Two for Tuesday: Greek and Middle Eastern Cookies

This week’s Two for Tuesday are Greek and Middle Eastern cookies.  On 9th Avenue is the Greek bakery, Poseidon, a family-owned bakery much beloved by locals.  Poseidon bakes Greek favorites like baklava as well as cookies like melomakarono (honey cookies), kourabiedes (walnut cookies) and koulourakia (sesame cookies), as well as fruit strudels made of hand-rolled phyllo dough.

Poseidon cookies

Sugar and Plumm‘s flagship store is on the Upper West Side, but they have a patisserie on Bleecker Street.  There, they have their signature chocolate pumps and purses that look more like the real thing than like chocolate.  They also have these divine little cookies from Vivel Patisserie in Dubai.  My two favorites are the Caramel and the Nocochi.  The Caramel consists of almond slices caramelized in honey and saffron.  Nocochi is a chickpea cookie that is soft as sand with a dash of cardamom.  The Nocochi white is a chickpea flour cookie with cinnamon, walnuts and white chocolate.  This had the chickpea flavor of the nocochi with this lovely spicy hint of cinnamon.  The Noir is a hazelnut biscuit filled with raspberry jam.  At first glance, I thought this would be my favorite.  But it wasn’t.  I’m a big fan of jam cookies, and this was not one of my favorites.  The Almond Rock is an almond biscuit topped with pistachios.


2 responses to “Two for Tuesday: Greek and Middle Eastern Cookies

  1. I could do with a couple of these cookies right now!

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