Lunch: Friend of a Farmer

In all the time I’ve lived in NYC, although I heard a lot about it, I had never been to Friend of a Farmer in Gramercy until recently.  While it sounds like the restaurant has a popular brunch, I went for a weekday lunch.  This is a great time to go because it’s bustling but not over-crowded and no waiting.  The staff was very friendly and attentive.  There is outdoor seating, but I would opt for the charming upstairs dining area because it’s decorated like a country farmhouse.  We were seated near the fireplace, and my view was a hutch with glass jar replicas of preserves and pickled vegetables.

The menu is a modern take on American comfort food, some dishes being traditional and some having a unique twist.  My dining companion had been here before, and she ordered the down home macaroni and cheese, which she said is wonderful.

macaroni and cheese

I wanted some protein, so I opted for the open-faced turkey sandwich, which felt like the perfect comfort food for a chilly, gray day.

turkey sandwich
We also got the potato pancake appetizer. It came with sour cream and apple butter in adorable little glass jars. These were less like pancakes and more like arancini, or rice balls. The potato was shredded and seasoned with flecks of rosemary, which I don’t particularly like. I prefer a more traditional flat potato pancake.

potato pancakes

With your meal, skillet cornbread is served with cinnamon apples.



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