5 Easter Goodies

I went on an Easter chocolate hunt at NYC chocolate shops and online and found some fun and different gifts for your Easter basket.
1.  Milk or dark chocolate hens from Jacques Torres–not your standard Easter bunny, these chocolate hens in a basket are both milk and dark chocolate and come in three sizes

Chocolate hens from Jacques Torres
Chocolate hens from Jacques Torres–photo used with permission

 2.  Honey bunny from Dominique Ansel–a chocolate-covered honey marshmallow shaped like a bunny

Honey Bunny from Dominique Ansel

Honey Bunny from Dominique Ansel–photo used with permission

3.  New white raspberry chocolate sitting bunny from Li-Lac Chocolates–a pink chocolate bunny in a unique flavor

Sitting bunnies from Li-Lac Chocolates--photo used with permission

Sitting bunnies from Li-Lac Chocolates–photo used with permission

4.  Chicks in a coop from Three Tarts–yellow marshmallow chicks

Chicks in coop from Three Tarts

Chicks in coop from Three Tarts–photo used with permission

5.  Easter polka dot eggs from L.A. Burdick–a milk or dark chocolate egg with hand-painted polka dots and chocolate truffles hidden inside


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