Santé Nuts


Santé is a nut company that recently had a Twitter giveaway.  The first person in the United States to answer this question correctly won:  What nut do the Swedes add to rice pudding for good luck?  The answer is almonds, and I am the winner!

I got four bags of delicious almonds, two bags each of chipotle almonds and garlic almonds.  Guess what?  They are all gone!  Yes, I gobbled these right up.  They made a great work snack.  Both flavors are very good, but the garlic was my favorite.  The Web site says it has garlic, cayenne and black pepper along with a touch of pure cane sugar to make them “irresistible.”  I agree!  Sometimes products with garlic can be overpowering, but these had a perfect garlic flavor.  Along with that touch of sweetness, they were addictive!  The chipotle almonds  have chipotle pepper, ancho chile and pure cane sugar, bringing a little more heat.

Almonds are my favorite nuts, so I was happy to receive these great-tasting ones!  I see that Santé also has candied pecans and walnuts, and I’d love to try those.  (Yes, my sweet tooth carries over to nuts too!)


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