I love the concept of OatMeals, that oatmeal, with the right additions, can be a meal.  I’m a big fan of oatmeal and eat it pretty much every morning for breakfast with some flaxmeal, a sprinkle of cinnamon and either honey or stevia.  On the rare occasion, I add raisins or fresh berries.  Ever rarer, maple syrup.  My friend eats it with butter.  These are pretty standard ways to eat oatmeal.  At OatMeals, there are many creative ways to have your oatmeal, including savory and dessert.

I got the Indian Spiced oatmeal with raisins, sliced almonds, crystallized ginger, cardamom, vanilla and brown sugars and coconut milk.  This was delicious! Every component went really well together.

Indian spiced oatmeal

My friend got the Strawberry Shortcake with graham crackers, fresh strawberries, strawberry jelly, vanilla and brown sugars and whipped cream.  This tasted like dessert and would satisfy a sweet tooth!  I love the little round graham crackers.  Other dessert varieties include s’mores, banana cream pie and salted caramel apple.

strawberry shortcake oatmeal

The savory options sound intriguing with ingredients like shaved parmesan, truffle oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper or crumbled gorgonzola, dried figs and balsamic vinegar glaze.  I’d love to try more from the menu, as I love oatmeal, and I love this concept.  In addition to the signature bowls, you can build your own oatmeal, too.


One response to “OatMeals

  1. I have been trying to eat more oatmeal and really enjoying it. bet I’d like it even more if I made it like that Strawberry one you mentioned 🙂

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