Lenten Dinner: Fish Cakes with Spaghetti

For those who observe Lent, Fridays are no meat days.  Last Friday, I ate sushi, but when I was growing up, there were many traditional things my grandmother and mother would cook.  Each Thursday until Easter, I’m going to feature a Friday Lent dinner on my blog.

My mom also remembers some menus from her childhood.  One of the Friday Lent dishes she remembers is fish cakes with spaghetti.  Indeed, fish cakes were served with spaghetti, appearing on the menu at restaurants like Childs.  My mom said her family would buy fish cakes from the Jewish deli to serve with the spaghetti.  She said the fish cakes were made of white fish like cod or flounder.  A search of diner menus on Seamless proves that fish cakes and spaghetti is still on diner menus.  So if you’re looking for a Friday night Lent dinner, try a NYC diner classic, fish cakes and spaghetti.

photo used with permission

photo used with permission


3 responses to “Lenten Dinner: Fish Cakes with Spaghetti

  1. Spaghetti and fish cakes?! Interesting!

    I remember as a kid going to a fish fry at my church on Friday nights during lent. Those were always really fun. That or I think we probably just had pizza. Anyway, great idea featuring lent appropriate or traditional meals. I’m sure people could use some inspiration and I love learning about traditional regional foods!

  2. Awesome, glad you were able to use my photo!

  3. I remember a time when that was on every diner menu

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