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Desserts with Benefits is a very cool food blog with the tagline “where decadence & health become one.”  Desserts that are good for you?  This is better than the fountain of youth.  Take a look at the pictures of desserts on this blog.  They don’t look like diet desserts.  The red velvet cake looks to die for!  It’s made with beets, almond milk, egg whites and oat and brown rice flours.  The frosting recipe is very creative, and I’d like to see how it tastes!  I think any of these desserts would satisfy a sweet tooth without the guilt.


One response to “Cool Food Blog

  1. I’ll have to check this one out, thanks! Have you ever had red velvet cake made with beets? I have, it’s … different. I didn’t dislike it, but it throws you if you’re just expecting red velvet cake. I wish those cakes would just be called beet cakes. It’s sort of like putting meatballs and marinara over spaghetti squash and telling someone it’s noodles. They’re not going to like it much; but if you told them up front it’s spaghetti squash, they might love it for what it is. I wonder if others have had this experience??

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