Happy Valentine’s Day From Woodhouse Chocolate

or from a person who loves me very much and bought me Woodhouse Chocolate!


Woodhouse Chocolate is a family-owned chocolate company from Napa Valley.  Woodhouse chocolates will satisfy the chocolate traditionalist as well as the experimental epicure.  The pecan caramel with candied pecan, brown sugar caramel and milk chocolate is a classic caramel that really showcases the candied pecan and is sure to please any praline lover.  Thai ginger is a pleasant creation that starts with a hint of lemongrass and finishes with a burst of crystallized ginger.  If you’re a fan of raspberry gels like I am, you will like Woodhouse’s take on it with a layer of dark chocolate raspberry ganache and a layer of raspberry pate de fruit.  The two blend harmoniously into raspberry rapture.  The piece de resistance is bananas foster–cream whipped with rum and flambeed bananas and a layer of brown sugar caramel enrobed in white chocolate.  This is creativity at its best.  I have many more chocolates to savor, but I thought I’d give you a taste of the ones I’ve already tried.

Woodhouse Chocolate

In addition, Woodhouse makes beautiful chocolate replicas of wild animals.  Their lion is quite intricate and majestic.  I love the smiling hippo and the dark chocolate buffalo.


One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day From Woodhouse Chocolate

  1. Thanks for an introduction to all the different foods out there. Now I have a list of things I gotta go out and try. It would have been nice to see some of those animal shaped chocolates you described. Happy eating and writing.

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