Two for Tuesday: Warm Drinks

Since temps have been dipping into the teens, like everyone else, I’ve been craving the steaming warmth of drinks and soups.  Whenever I go into Grom, I get gelato, but now that it’s cold, I wanted to try its hot chocolate.  Boy, am I glad I did.  The cioccolata calda fondente is hot dark chocolate that is thick, creamy chocolatey goodness.  Even the whipped cream on top is extra creamy.  Trust me, my pic doesn’t do it justice.

Grom hot chocolate

If you’d like something not so rich and less caloric but still warming, how about some tea served in a charming tea pot at Tea and Sympathy in the West Village?  Tea and Sympathy is a long favorite of mine, and despite the name, there’s more than tea, and not so much sympathy for unruly patrons.  The restaurant usually has a long wait at peak dining times, and it posts a list of rules that apply to everyone.  Luckily, I was in the neighborhood at an off hour, so I was seated right away near the window.  The food here is delightful, and in addition to some sustenance, I also got a basic English breakfast tea with milk and sugar and warmed my hands over the steaming cup.



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