Foodie Movie: The Ramen Girl

I know I’m a little late on this one, since The Ramen Girl came out in 2008.  Since I got introduced to ramen last year, I found this movie intriguing.  The premise is an American girl (Brittany Murphy) who goes to Tokyo to live with her boyfriend.  She gets a boring, meaningless job as a copy editor.  Her boyfriend never asked her to come to Tokyo with him, so he leaves her.  She’s lost and confused, questioning her life.  Through this quarterlife crisis, she visits a ramen shop across from her boyfriend’s apartment and begins an unusual relationship with the ramen chef that launches her on a path of self discovery.

Although it was a bit cliché with the American-learning-discipline-from-the-Asian-sensei theme, I really enjoyed this movie.  It is a feel-good Hollywood movie.  Got me thinking I should go around the corner to Totto Ramen and start my new career.  You think the ramen chef there would be OK with teaching me ramen?  I settled upon just eating a bowl of ramen, but I can’t wait on line at Totto Ramen in the freezing cold.  So Seamless and Hanami Sushi to the rescue.



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