My name is Dina, and I have an addiction.  To what, you might ask?  Rice pudding? Haha.  No.  Seamless.  The food delivery site.  Yes, in most of America, one can order only pizza or Chinese.  Not in the big city.  It’s no secret that New Yorkers have it made when it comes to food delivery.  Pretty much any time of the day you can get pretty much whatever you want.  With Seamless, the process is, well, seamless.  You pay by credit card which you can add a tip to, so no more looking around for five dollar bills to tip the delivery guy.  The best thing is ordering whatever you are craving.  Using the search function, you can search for a food item (like rice pudding, yes) and see who has what you’re looking for.  It’s easy to order, and most deliveries arrive within the specified amount of time or sooner.  I use Seamless when I’m tired after work and I don’t want to cook.  I’ve been sick, and it’s been great ordering chicken soup from restaurants on Seamless.


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