Two for Tuesday: Kheer

People have been telling me to try kheer, or Indian rice pudding, since I’ve been on my rice pudding kick.  I’d never had it, so I was eager to try it.  I ordered from a couple of Indian restaurants in my neighborhood.  Since I haven’t had it before, I don’t know how authentic either of these is.  The first was from Kiran Indian Cuisine.

Kiran kheer
This rice pudding was made with basmati rice and had golden raisins and flakes of coconut. The menu said it also had almonds, but I didn’t see or taste any in there.  I didn’t miss them though, as I really enjoyed this rice pudding.  It was very sweet and somewhat liquidy, a different consistency from most rice puddings I’ve tried, and I thought the coconut was a great addition.

The second one I tried was from Bombay Masala, the oldest Indian restaurant in the U.S.  This rice pudding was creamy and had pistachios and fruit.  It was a very good rice pudding too, reminiscent of American rice pudding.

Bombay Masala kheer


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  1. love it

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