My Response to “20 Things Everyone Thinks About the Food World (But Nobody Will Say)”

My response to First We Feast’s 20 Things Everyone Thinks About the Food World (But Nobody Will Say) is that some people do say these things.  I’d like to go through some of them because I thought some of them were really good.

1.  Not so sure I agree with this.  I think categorizing all people who won’t try different foods as racist is not fair.  Some people are just resistant to new foods because they are unfamiliar.  Think of comfort food–don’t we all think of what our grandmas made.  For me, that’s chicken soup or lasagna, because I’m Italian American.  Everyone has their tastes.  I’m not a big fan of spicy food, so Indian and Thai are not favorites of mine.

2.  Well, I think Ruth Reichl was the best.

4.  Yes, traditional New York foods are not what they once were.  Italian bread can’t even be found anymore–real Italian bread, that is.  I had it because those places started dying out in the 80s and 90s.  Pizza isn’t what it used to be.  You can get good Italian pastries still though.

6.  I completely agree with this one.  You need to have a nest egg in order to do the things people do to eat sustainably.  Especially in NYC.

7.  I don’t have a problem with tipping, but I believe in paying restaurant workers a living wage and would support that.

8.  On the flip, nostalgia is all about very good food too.

10.  I’m Italian, I have to disagree with this one, and I do.

11.  I knew this one just because Italian food in restaurants isn’t usually authentic.

12.  I disagree.  I think you can fight for whatever you think is right, and to animal activists, this is a big cause.

13.  Not sure this photo is the best way to get respect.  What about Harold and Kumar?

14.  I don’t know about this one.  I think it can be very enjoyable.  It depends.  I’ve only been to wd-50, Per Se and Eleven Madison Park for molecular gastronomy and tasting menus, and they were all excellent.

15.  I agree with this statement, just from what I know about the writing world and life in general.  I can say I never got paid to review a restaurant!

16.  Isn’t this a racist comment?  Hey, I love stuffed cabbage.  Polish food is delicious to me.  So it’s rich and filling.  When it’s cold out, you want that!

17.  If you’re female, you’ve experienced some kind of sexual harassment in every field, so this is no surprise.

19.  Gluttony is a sin.  I think this one is an unfair characterization of food bloggers and writers.  Not everyone is into the duck fat fries and 20 oz. burger.  And if you have it once and write about it, that hardly makes you a glutton.  Just like the craving for a Big Mac every three years doesn’t make me a glutton.

20.  I agree with this one.


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