La Lanterna

hot toddy1

I don’t remember the first time I went to La Lanterna.  I’ve been there so many times, and since I lived on West 3rd Street and Bleecker Street, La Lanterna was like a second home to me.  I’ve tried a lot of desserts, gelato and specialty drinks there.  There used to be more cafes like this in the city, but they are slowly dying out.  La Lanterna is a romantic place, dark and cozy, always bustling yet never too crowded.  There is a lovely outdoor garden, but I never like sitting there.  I prefer the tables inside.  I conspired about life in its cozy nooks many a night.  When the weather gets cold, my thoughts turn to the long drink menu of warm comfort.  I can while away an afternoon well into the evening here, chatting and dreaming.

hot toddy2
I find myself much more content when I’ve had a cup of clarity from La Lanterna. And a slice of pumpkin cognac cheesecake doesn’t hurt either.

pumpkin cognac cheesecake


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