Weekend Brunch: Popover Cafe

There’s a delightful spot on the Upper West Side called the Popover Cafe.  Yes, its signature is popovers.  These aren’t your average popovers. 


As you can tell from the photo, they are huge.  And meaty.

inside popover

I ate half of mine with the accompanying strawberry butter.  The other half I dipped in an over-medium fried egg that was part of my entrée, the Carolina Dinah:  grilled jambon de paris (French ham steak), red-eye gravy, cheddar cheese grits, two eggs any style and a popover.  Of course, I had to get it since it’s spelled kind of like my name and it’s named after Carolina, where I’ve lived.

carolina dinah

I’m still dreaming of these delicious grits.  Popover Cafe is fun to visit for the novelty of the popovers, but it’s also a great brunch/breakfast spot.  We came on a Saturday afternoon and had only a few minute wait without a reservation.


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